The MarketPad virtual store

Get your products ONLINE for FREE Our Free Virtual Store Design allows businesses to get their products online at no cost! Just create a free business profile with your contact information, image gallery and store description, and then add unlimited listings under that profile. As you load up our site with your listings they also show in a “Listings” tab under your profile. That profile comes with it’s own unique subdomain web address to use on business cards, emails — anywhere you want to drive customers to your VIRTUAL STORE! If you have a national presence and ship your products, take [...]

A Few Tips On Small Business Advertising

Small business Advertising

With the economy the way it has been for the last several years, small business owners often are left doing their own marketing. Diversity in your marketing plan is always the best idea. Tons of  marketing can be achieved even without money, so take a look at the list shown below.     Free Word of mouth is by far the cheapest however it can also kill you so be diligent with great customer service and products . Promoted press releases will tell your clients about your company and will improve website SEO. Forums are time consuming but you can [...]

Embedding Videos In MarketPad


Embedding videos in your listings   MarketPad makes it easy to embed videos directly into any listing on our site with out integrated Youtube code inserter. You can add a video either at the initial creation of your ad or later on by selecting edit ad. Once you are in our Listing Wizard, you will go to Step 3 containing the description editor which is where you’ll be inserting the code to transfer any youtube video into your ad. After you’ve filled out your description and are ready to add your video code, look for the “youtube” button in the [...]

Multiple Categories


How to use multiple categories   Have you ever been confused while placing an online ad? Should I put this in Collectibles, or maybe Toys? But what if someone else just looks in dolls? Well, MarketPad is proud to present yet another reason why we think we’re the best classifieds on the net – our multiple category option. Now you don’t have to face the daunting task of hoping you’ve picked the absolute target category for your classified listing or ad since you now have the opportunity for that ad to show up in up to five separate but relevant [...]