MarketPad Referral Fees

Did you know that MarketPad only charges a referral fee of 3% for online transactions from our users? This is much lower than the standard 15% fee charged by companies like Amazon and eBay. MarketPad also allows you to list unlimited items  for no up-front cost whatsoever, keeping money in your pocket until you actually sell an item. You can upload one item, or you can upload your entire inventory. MarketPad is the better way to sell your items!

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Coupons, Deals & Gift Cards

Did you know that offers 3 different types of discounts to consumers and businesses alike? We offer traditional print-and-bring-in coupons that can be seen in the coupons section of a Business’ Profile. If they offer coupons, you must print them out and bring them to the location, or if they are mobile-friendly, they could just take it straight from your smartphone or tablet! Local businesses can also offer Deals, these are usually deep discounts (20%-60%) that you purchase online, print out the Deal and bring it into the location you wish to use it at. Deals can be found on either the Business’ Profile page or on the MarketPad home screen under, “Freshest Deals”. We also offer Gift Cards, that may be discounted or may be sold at full retail value. These can either be found on the Business’ Profile page, or under the “Gift Cards” section of the MarketPad home page. Save money by using MarketPad today!

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The MarketPad virtual store

Get your products ONLINE for FREE

Our Free Virtual Store Design allows businesses to get their products online at no cost! Just create a free business profile with your contact information, image gallery and store description, and then add unlimited listings under that profile. As you load up our site with your listings they also show in a “Listings” tab under your profile. That profile comes with it’s own unique subdomain web address to use on business cards, emails — anywhere you want to drive customers to your VIRTUAL STORE! If you have a national presence and ship your products, take advantage of our easy to set up payment option that allows visitors to your store the ability to pay with credit card!

Plus over 700 other categories!

Step 1: Go to
Step 2: Register for FREE as new member.
Step 3: Fill out your FREE Profile (tell your customers what they want to know about you) with your contact information and any pictures with captions to help tell your story.
Step 4: Just add FREE Classified Ads of ALL YOUR PRODUCTS!  Put them in the proper category so customers have an easy time finding what you offer for sale.

As you load up your classified ads to show a dozen or a hundred products, they also show in your listings tab under your profile. Now you have a virtual store showing everything you offer. As customers find just one of your ads, with one click on your profile they are directed to your store showing all your products listed.

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Small business Advertising

A Few Tips On Small Business Advertising

Small business AdvertisingWith the economy the way it has been for the last several years, small business owners often are left doing their own marketing. Diversity in your marketing plan is always the best idea. Tons of  marketing can be achieved even without money, so take a look at the list shown below.




  • Word of mouth is by far the cheapest however it can also kill you so be diligent with great customer service and products .
  • Promoted press releases will tell your clients about your company and will improve website SEO.
  • Forums are time consuming but you can post about your business on tons of fourms. Strive to  have people in forums talk about you and your business as much as possible.
  • Squidoo is always a good place to promote your business and show the expertise you have.
  • By using social media you not only grow closer to your clients, but you market your business completely for free. It is free but your time is worth money so moderate the time you spend to your needs.
  • Classified ads are a great way of shouting about your business to an endless stream of viewers
  • Shared clientele can help you get in touch with other business owners and market through their channels.
  • If you team up with other business practices you can do cross promotion of a product or idea easily and effectively.
  • Fundraising auctions in your area are a great way to give back and get noticed. If you want the public to learn of your products, this is one of the best ways. There are some tax benefits to be enjoyed as well.


  • Blogging is probably the best way to market your business. Time consuming albeit but telling a story about yourself instils trust. Knowledge is power.
  • You should spread the word about your company through business cards and flyers. You need to provide relevant information and grow your network of people who deliver cards.
  • A good referral program will help you out a lot if you want your services promoted the right way and to the right people.
  • Offers and coupons might be a bit costly but done well they can be extremely effective.
  • Create a newsletter. You will be able to keep all your customers informed of what the company is currently working on and achieving.
  • If you want to hit a good ROI with as limited budget as possible you should consider visiting some of your local networking events.
  • You should know that business directories are costly, but adding your information to them can have great benefits.
  • Make sure you create a loyalty program that has value and will keep customers coming back.


  • A Website for your company can be expensive but if you want truly successful online marketing program this is a must.
  • Contests.  People will come running to the idea that they can win stuff – do your research and be diligent. A failed contest can create bad word of mouth.
  • Newspapers are actually quite the useful channel for advertising.
  • Radio advertising can be both effective and costly. Research demographics before committing to any broadcast advertising.
  • Trade shows.  People flock to trade shows and this will do wonders for the promotion of your product.
  • Banner (auto) advertising is also extremely effective.
  • Pay per click advertising is always a good way to go if handled properly, and there are some free $50-100 coupons that you can use as a free trial.
  • It might be costly, but you will still see a lot of benefits in sponsoring an event, an athlete, or local figure.

The entrepreneur has countless avenues for advertising. Some are free, some are costly. What you really need to decide is where you would like to spend your ad dollars and time. Keep in mind that spending a bunch of time at in-effective advertising, even if it is free is like throwing money down the drain. Research all forms of advertising and decide what will be most effective for your product or service.

We at MarketPad have put together a toolbox full of interesting, innovative and dynamic tools for you to peruse. You may not need all of them but if you do they are all there at your disposal. Take a few minutes and look around. You will not be disappointed. For a limited time all the services at MarketPad are free so jump on in and get started.

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Embedding Videos In MarketPad

Embedding videos in your listings


MarketPad makes it easy to embed videos directly into any listing on our site with out integrated Youtube code inserter.

You can add a video either at the initial creation of your ad or later on by selecting edit ad. Once you are in our Listing Wizard, you will go to Step 3 containing the description editor which is where you’ll be inserting the code to transfer any youtube video into your ad. After you’ve filled out your description and are ready to add your video code, look for the “youtube” button in the editor icons (circled in red in the example below).


Click the youtube button and you will see a popup that says “Paste Embed Code Here”


Now, assuming you have the youtube video you’d like to embed open in another tab or window on your computer, go to that page and find the “Share” and “Embed” links (circled in the example below). Click the links and you will see an embed code pop up (the red arrow in the example below). Copy that code by either selecting Ctrl C, or by right clicking and selecting “copy” with your mouse.


Now that you have the code copied, go back to the MarketPad description editor and paste the code into the box by either right clicking in the box and selecting “paste” or by hitting Ctrl V on your keyboard. The code you just copied from your youtube video will fill the box.


Now just hit OK and you should see the video embedded directly in your description editor. To finalize your listing description, just click “next step” or “all done” at the bottom and check out your ad, complete with embedded video!



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