What we do, and why you should be a part of it!

Do you have a favorite local small business? Do you want to get paid for helping them get business? Now you can!

Our company is built on the idea that small businesses can and WILL succeed! Our goal is to help communities keep money local and help the “little guys” not only compete, but thrive, against bigger corporate rivals.

LocalBusiness A lot of local companies are struggling to stay afloat and marketing is often difficult for them to do. These struggles range from balancing the budget to trying to understand marketing enough to do it on their own to knowing who to entrust their money with to do their marketing for them while hoping they don’t get ripped off. Small business owners are unsure what they should choose to spend their money on- a Website, Online Marketing, TV Ads, Radio Ads, Fliers, Email Campaigns, Pay-Per-Click, Newspapers, and Yellow Pages etc.

If you could help solve their concerns and help them to increase revenue and keep money within your local community plus ensure they don’t go out of business, would you? If you knew of a way they could build their brand and pay NOTHING upfront, would you tell them? You’re a happy customer, so why not tell others about the places you love to eat at, go to for entertainment, buy clothes from, shop for things around the house from, and get paid for it?

MarketPad has now developed a way you can help! We have been working with local business owners and developed offerings such as Discounted Deals, Coupons, and Gift Cards and offered them multiple avenues to begin spreading the word about those offerings. We are similar to Groupon, but we don’t take 50%-75% upfront. We actually want businesses to make a profit!

A Network Strategist is a small business owner and makes their own schedule. Work full-time, part-time or whenever you have a free moment and make $. Share what we’re doing with those places you love going to, get them to sign up for FREE, and begin sharing with family, friends, your social network and get paid.

We also have organizations such as high school clubs (DECA, sports teams etc.), Lions Club, Cancer Organizations and more that are all looking for ways to support the community, build up their local economy and help keep money local. If you sign a business up and one of these local organizations begins pushing that deal or gift card, you get paid for each one sold. The potential for income is limitless. Think of the residual income you can make just for sharing a local hot spot!

If you have others that share what you’re doing and they begin to get other local companies to sign up and sell deals…you get paid. This is truly a model that puts money back into the small businesses, the people who shop there, and the community. Let’s take our future back and make sure the small local places we love are still there for our kids to enjoy.

Reach out today to learn more.

15 Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses

As a small business owner, you have probably figured out that one of the BIGGEST struggles you’re having is marketing!  Where do you start, how much do you spend and who can you trust, are all questions you have to ask yourself.

Small Business Marketing Plan

You should also know that there is no ONE way to do marketing that is going to get you all the foot or web traffic you desire.  You have to be well rounded and you have to be methodical.   Here is a list of ways you can market your small business that are FREE, inexpensive, or will cost you some “chedda” aka. Money!

Please leave a comment below and add any that were missed.  Share your insights and experiences, good or bad, and give others a heads up!  We value your experiences and expertise.


  • Word-of-Mouth – Word of Mouth – 92% percent of consumers around the world say they trust earned media, such as word-of-mouth and recommendations from friends and family…  (Learn More)
  • Social Media – These are a must in the world we now live in. Everyone is talking and everyone is “sharing,” “pinning,” or “tweeting” on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+ and many more.  Link your profiles to your website, blog and any literature you put out.  (Learn More)
  • Press Release – Can have multiple benefits. SEO, Instant Exposure and Worldwide reach are some of the top advantages.  (More examples)
  • Forums – Forums have been a place to promote or destroy a business for quite some time.  If used properly they’re a great way to promote your business and engage potential customers.  (List of Forums)
  • Cross Promote – Team up with another local business or club and create cross promotions.  (10 Tips)


  • BlogWordPress is the BEST! A blog (combined with a business website) is crucial for a company. It should be a foundation of your online marketing.  It allows you to also communicate with your peeps!
  • Literature – (Business cards, brochures, mailers, door hangers etc.) Can be expensive if done incorrectly.  Business cards are crucial and should be in the hands of EVERY person you meet.  You cards should contain a good “punchline” so they have an idea of what you do.  (Recommended)
  • Referral Program – Similar to Affiliate marketing, you’re having traffic driven to you by individuals who don’t actually work for you.  (Breakdown of the two)
  • Sales, Offers, CouponsCreate a deal and promote it both off and on-line.  Groupon is the most popular, yet they take 50% – 75% before you’ve even sold one deal.  (Recommended)
  • Local Networking Events – If you’re looking to spread the word locally, this may be one of the BEST ways to do so.  These events are often attended by other business owners and people who are great at networking.  They are the ones you want to be speaking highly of your local business.  NETWORK! NETWORK! NETWORK! NETWORK!!!  (Top 10 to join)

Requires some “CHEDDA” aka. “Can be expensive”

  • Website – The staple of your company marketing plan.  Within 15 seconds of navigation to your site, some should be able to tell what you do, who you do it for, and require minimal clicks for the consumer to get to where they “should” go…The cart!  A company without a website is like a car with a blown motor…it cannot go further than it’s already gone.  (Top Free platforms)
  • Contests – A contest can help in many ways.  Brand awareness, word-of-mouth and a way to obtain email addresses are some of those.  A sweepstakes, contest or giveaway are some examples.  Utilize social media, your website, blog and newsletter to help get the buzz out.  (Learn More)
  • SEO & PPC – Both are very necessary in a business marketing plan, yet both can be VERY costly and often times, you’re unable to hold a company accountable for the work they provide.  Today everyone is an online marketer too, which makes getting your money’s worth even more difficult.  (2015 Top SEO & Top PPC)
  • Tradeshows & Events – A booth setup isn’t cheap and neither is paying to attend the event, flying a team to the event location, parking, food reimbursement etc. If it’s a flop, that makes it even worse for the company, yet if it’s a Home Run, it can be well worth it.  Spend time researching and make sure you’re going to an event that correlates to your field of business.  (Helpful tips)
  • Newspaper Ads – I have to say I don’t read the papers that are delivered to my home, but then I am also of the technology generation.  I remember my grandfather always had a paper in his lap, so I would say it’s safe to say there’s still some opportunities to gain revenue, but it’s costly to put an ad in a paper these days.  (Learn More)

MarketPad and your DECA Club


DECA Logo Image

In my years of school and sports, it was inevitable that at some point I would have to do fundraising.  I have washed cars, asked for canned foods, sold cookies and candy bars, and even gone door-2-door asking community members and business owners for money to support my cause.

Depending on your personal participation in clubs, organizations and sports actives, the amount of fundraising you’ve done may vary dramatically.  If I was asked to choose the form of fundraising I personally liked the most, I’d have to say washing cars was my favorite.  Most often it wasn’t too cold out and my friends and I would always enjoy hanging with each other and being “cool” when the girls in our town came by.

Over the past two days, I have spoken to three DECA classes about how MarketPad.com can help them with their efforts to raise funds.  When in I was in DECA, which was only for one year, I didn’t take it as seriously as I should have.  Today while giving a presentation to a DECA class, I was one of “those” kids I specifically pointed out to answer questions.  It’s rather weird to see a large group of kids in a class and when asked why they’re in DECA, to hear the variation of responses; “I am taking it because my sister did”, “It’s a course I have to take” “I am in here because it’s an easy passing grade”, “I want to be in marketing” “I want to own my own business” “I am not sure”.

I’m pretty certain I would have probably been in DECA for a girl or my best friend that was taking the course so I cannot be too harsh on them, but it made me take a step back.  I realize now there are the ones that get it at a young age and there are the ones with no clue (or really a lack of care)…I had NO clue!

When I asked the students in class today if they enjoy the way they raise funds, most said “no”.  I mean who really wants to sell $1 candy bars and make a $.26-$.38 profit?  For a business class that’s some crappy numbers to get excited about!



Today our environment has changed. People do less face to face, kids play outside less, and adults all stare down while waiting in a room because we’re checking Facebook or playing CandyCrush.  So what we have done is adopt a technology and way that brings more excitement and options to raise funds for DECA and other organizations alike.


After sharing what it is the we do here at MarketPad and how we are offering a solution to raising funds that will give more money to their club, give money back to the community and allow them to sell 24/7, 365 days a year and to individuals in other states, all while in their weekend clothes, they got excited.

I am excited to see this class of DECA students, or at least the ones who “get it”, begin to make strides forward and take hold of their future.  We offer them real life business experience, the ability to network with business owners, negotiate with business owners, develop web pages, create content and more.

If you are a student who hates the current forms of fundraising, a teacher or school administrator looking for a more exciting fundraising effort that will get the kids more involved, or a parent who would welcome a new way to raise money for your kids without the money ALWAYS coming out of YOUR pocket…PLUS give back to your community and boost the local economy, there is a way!  To learn more please reach out to us here at MarketPad and see what we’re doing.  Sooner or later we will be in your schools, why not be the first to introduce it?



The Mobile Impact on Small Businesses

It has become a reality over the past years that people are on their mobile devices more than ever.  This news isn’t mind-blowing to us, or it shouldn’t be, but there are some figures that actually are just that- mind-blowing. 

Most notably, local merchants are benefiting from this more than anybody else, as LSA Insider’s Nik Rojas states  “91% of mobile users have their handheld device within arm’s reach at all times, and 75% of American admit taking their smartphone with them into the bathroom….Of consumers who search for local business on their handheld device, 88% of them will go there within 24 hours”.

Mobile & local image

WHAT!  People take their smartphones into the bathroom?!  I believe the saying goes, “He who has no sin shall cast the first stone.”

That is an astonishing amount!  The need for a company to have a mobile presence is more important than it ever has been.  For the little “mom & pop” shops of the country, it’s very difficult to compete against the BIG BOX stores because big corporations have the upper hand when it comes to brand awareness and available marketing budget.

Here at MarketPad we are working diligently each day to change this for local companies in all areas, by offering our mobile friendly platform FREE to businesses.  We want the “little guys” and “little gals” of the business world to have an online mobile friendly web presence without going BROKE trying to do so.  This allows their businesses to be found more easily by those interested in their products or services and the initial setup doesn’t cost them a dime!

Rojas also states, “Mobile coupons get ten times the redemption rate of traditional ones, both online and off, and mobile advertisements get three times the clicks”.

When thinking about how to compete and win in your local area, remember MarketPad.  We offer all of our clients these services FREE of charge, until merchants sell an offering they’ve put online.  Now that is mind-blowing!

Contact us today to learn more!