Customer Spotlight: IMTEK Environmental Corporation

Our latest customer spotlight is IMTEK Environmental Corporation based in Alpharetta, GA. IMTEK specializes in odor removal products and they have an extensive selection. IMTEK does a great job at utilizing the power of Marketpad’s classified ads to list all their products (view some of their inventory).

From their website:

    Welcome to, a premier global supplier of EcoSmart, EnergySmart & HealthSmart indoor air pollution & bad odor removal products. They have a proven track record for over 20 years with thousands of satisfied customers because they really work. They also provide many unique advantages that benefit people, pets and the planet while providing superior performance.

    Our popular Smelleze® bad smell removers rid odor without masking it with harmful fragrances. In addition, they also remove the toxic chemicals that cause stench to truly clean your air. The result is odor-free air that is also pollution-free and safer to breathe.

    Smelleze┬« bad smell remover pouches are very easy to use but extremely effective. Simply place in areas with foul odor, on return air vents, or inside air ducts, and smell the difference. They attract bad odor like a strong magnet, absorb them like a super sponge, and get smell out fast without emitting harsh chemicals. Odors just don’t stand a chance!

    One of the most popular features of Smelleze┬« is that it can be used over and over again for many years to rid odors making it very cost effective. To enjoy this unique advantage, all you have to do is simply rejuvenate the pouch by exposing it to direct sunlight for a day or heat in a microwave for few minutes and reuse. It’s that easy!

For more information about IMTEK Environmental Corporation please visit their website at, or email them at, or call (770) 667-8621.

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