My Marketing Plan Didn’t Work. Now What?

So your small business has a website, a blog, and social media accounts… all filled with a steady stream of quality content. But what if you don’t see a return on all of this hard work? You did your homework, researched all the marketing blogs, and followed their advice to the letter. Your time and energy (and maybe even blood, sweat, and tears!) are poured into these platforms but you have still not yet been able to reap any of the rewards. In other words your website is seeing no lift in Internet traffic AND there has been no increase in sales, customer acquisition, or customer interactions. This scenario is much more common than one would think…and the most common response is to just give up.

First things, first. These marketing campaigns can sometimes take a great deal of time to develop (especially if your forte isn’t Internet Marketing). DONT GIVE UP! Or at least don’t completely walk away from marketing your business online. You may need to pivot and adjust in regards to your strategy. Depending on your business model, you may need to either tweak and test your plan or couple your “Content” and “Social Media” work with some other types of Internet marketing.

Whatever you do, DO NOT stop creating great content. With the constant updates to Google’s algorithm, consistently adding good content to your website/blog is becoming more and more important. It is the foundation of your Internet Marketing plan.

Continue to research best practices and creative ways to further enhance your efforts. Ask for help and allocate tasks to your employees/sub-contractors. Mix it up a bit and test other types of online marketing tools. You may need to spend a little money but maybe a Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign or an Affiliate Marketing Program could be a great marketing addition (or replacement) for your particular niche. There are hundreds of different ways you can promote your business. Try em, test em, and see what works best for you!!

So to sum up:

  • Do not give up!!!
  • Continue to create fantastic content
  • Continue to research best practices
  • Don’t be affraid to be creative
  • Ask for help and allocate
  • Add to your Internet Marketing arsenal
  • Try em, test em, and see what works best for you!

By: J.J. Honeycutt, Marketing Manager for Please feel free to ask me anything in regards to internet marketing! I would love to help. Either comment on this post or send me a private email (

Image Credit: The Commons