Your Free Personal Webspace

Last week we talked about how your small or medium sized business can build their own free online virtual store at by creating a free business profile and filling it with your contact information, image gallery and store description, and then add unlimited listings under that profile…. This week we’d like to let all our users in on a secret… Our dedicated webspace is NOT just for businesses. It’s for everyone who thinks they could benefit from a free online space that lets them connect and stay connected to friends and family, and even make new connections!

Every profile on MarketPad comes with it’s own unique URL or web address visible from any computer with online access. Since MarketPad offers members multiple profiles in different categories , that means you can have multiple FREE sites to help you promote yourself, your business or just stay in touch with friends and family. The address is connected to your username, or alias at marketpad, which you are given automatically when you become a marketpad member and when you create a new profile.


So, now that you’ve created your profile and added information to it, you need to spread the word. You can instantly share your webspace on facebook, pinterest or any other of our over 300 social share links!

Here’s how your address is set up: Let’s say your username is HappyTraveler and you’d like to share your photos and love of travel with other people, just take your username and add it before So your non-changing web address would be: Try it by clicking the link!


You can do SO much with your free webspace, and remember this site is hosted FREE on MarketPad, so start sharing today!

Check out our “How To” presentation for more details…