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So what is “Home Staging”?

Home staging is the art of selling a home faster by transforming a home to make it more appealing to the right buyer by making a home memorable. Proper home staging accentuates the positives of a home and sets inviting scenes throughout a home that attract the targeted buyers for that demographic area.

“We stage your home with rental furniture and accessories to make your home more visually attractive.  Almost 90% of home buyers cannot visualize how their furniture will fit in an empty room.  By staging a visually pleasing space home buyers can conceptualize how their furniture and accessories will work in a room.”

Manuela Tantawy of The Staging Fashionista of Woodbridge VA has taken home staging to a whole new level. Her amazing attention to detail has sold more homes for her clients and keeps her competition grasping at straws.

She has been featured in several publications like eHow and The Washington Times explaining the benefits and for lack of a better phrase….need to home stage.

Not only is Manuela a home stager but she is also involved in training and teaching videos that showcase her ability and passion for the work she is so adept at.

Manuela also  have a team of professionals that can provide carpet cleaning, installation, repair and stretching, painting, and minor home repairs.  No more need to call a carpet cleaning company, handyman, or a painter. Her professionals can do all of these things for you and then they can stage your home to sell for one great price. You will save money and time by having The Staging Fashionista take care of everything for you so you don’t have to call around.

In today’s tight market it is imperative for your listing to stand out above the rest of the crowd. Relying on Manuela’s skills will not only help you sell your home quickly but you will undoubtedly be able to sell your home for more and stay firm when receiving offers.

Please look up The Staging Fashionista for your home staging needs and you will have found the best there is!

  • Mannie Tantawy

    Thank you for the feature! I appreciate it! We love what we do and we love helping sellers sell their homes more quickly!