What on Earth is an eFlyer?

There are a gamut of different reasons why it is wise to go to first when looking to sell your goods and services online. It’s free, packed with functionality, and very local-centric. But we wanted to give folks a bit more detail about some of our great features.

Enter the “eFlyer” (watch our video How-to here). The eFlyer alone is worth you posting your items on before other “sites”. The eFlyer takes a digital snapshot of any ad or listing on our site and reproduces it as a formatted, professional looking flyer. Our eFlyer includes all your photos, information, and text embedded inside it and it links directly to your marketpad listing.

The purpose for this feature is to allow our users to graphically share thier listings, and all it’s contents, anywhere you can embed html code. Why add just plain text and limited photos when you can offer up a formatted, attractive attention grabbing flyer showing off your product or service? All you need to do is to copy and paste the eFlyer code into any place that accepts html embeds (ie: email or other online classified ads).

So if wanted to post your listing on Craiglist as well here is what you would do:

FIRST: Navigate to your listing and click on the “Grab eFlyer” link. This will format your listing into html.

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SECOND: Click on the “Grab eFlyer Code” link on the right side

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THIRD: Copy the generated code provided.

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FOURTH: Create a new post in and paste code in the “Post Description”

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LAST: You now have your MarketPad listing embedded into your Craigslist ad!

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(Note: I didn’t post this ad on Craigslist because it violated their no-firearms policy. classified ads do not restrict your freedoms in such a way!)