Marketpad VS. Craigslist

Now before I get started I want to preface by saying I am very biased about this epic grudge match. After all, I work for But I wanted to give you a few (of the many) comparisons of Marketpad and Craigslist. Let’s get it on!!!


Although Craigslist has been making some much needed improvement as of late, it’s business model is “simplicity.” Nothing wrong with that, but have you ever caught yourself saying. “I wish Craigslist would let me FILL IN BLANK” or “It would be really nice if Craigslist had FILL IN BLANK.” The fact is Craigslist gives you very minimal tools to use in order to showcase your item/service. With Marketpad you get SUPERIOR online classified ads. We offer:

  • Free QR Code Generator
  • Free Printed Flyer – with QR Code
  • Unlimited Photo Uploads
  • Embedded Video Capabilities
  • Embedded Map & Directions
  • In-House Message to prevent spam
  • Advanced HTML editor for website quality ads or
  • Simple Text Editor for quick updating
  • Create Multiple Profiles for one account!
  • Internet E-Flyer grab! Just copy and paste!
  • Administratively controlled Flagging System!
  • Additional TAGS section for more accurate listings!
  • Place every ad in Multiple Categories

Why settle for blah when you can create an amazing looking listing for your item/service? It was a spirited round but Craigslist received a pounding.

Winner Round 1: MARKETPAD


Marketpad was built on the premise of “people connecting with people”. Whether you’re surfing our classifieds, advertising your services in our Smart Directory, reaching out to customers through our coupon distribution system, creating a group profile for your chess club, or just blogging on your Power Page, Marketpad offers easy, safe access to other members.

Craigslist does not offer this type of platform. They do however offer a popular section for extra-curricular encounters in their “personals”… if that is your kinda thing. Sorry Craigslist, but that was an easy round.

Winner Round 2: MARKETPAD


Let’s face it… Craigslist has us beat here (FOR NOW!). They have been the big boy on the block for quite awhile in the category of “Free Classified Ads.” But doesn’t seem like there are so many people using CL now that your ad just gets lost in a sea of never ending listings? For example, once I posted an item for sale on CL and by the time it was published live, there were almost 30 ‘newer’ listings in that one single category! I hoped and prayed that people would be diligent enough to trudge through them all to find mine.

This is why we believe that using BOTH Marketpad AND Craigslist to sell your item/service could be an ideal strategy. You see, you can enhance your CL listing by first listing it on Marketpad. Utilize all of Marketpad’s features and functionality and create the ultimate free classified ad. Now all you need to do embed that Marketpad post into your CL listing. It is a very easy process (see “What On Earth is an eFlyer?)

The goal is to 1) Get folks to view your ad and 2) Entice them enough with your ad to get them to contact you (and ultimately buy what you are selling). By creating a Marketpad listing and embedding it into CL, you are distinguishing your ad from all the boring ones.

Winner Round 3: TIE :)

After 3 Rounds the results are:


Happy selling!

  • MarketPapa

    Marketpapa Tip: Using the Marketpad tools to create a great looking classified ad will help you sell that widget or thingamajig much faster!